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Message From the Property Assessor
As the Franklin County Assessor Property, my primary responsibility is to
provide the Franklin County taxpayers with accurate and fair appraisals
of their property. It is my personal commitment to the people that this process is done in a fair and transparent manner.

Tennessee State Law mandates that the County Assessor of Property is responsible for locating and identifying all property inside the county.
Additionally the Assessor is responsible for the appraisal of those properties including determining an assessed value for each property identified.
The final assessment of property is calculated by applying a classification percentage defined the Tennessee Constitution. The appraised amount is taxed according to the rate established by the Franklin County Commission.

My office staff will perform its work in an open and transparent manner while making appraisal information easily accessible to the public. I am dedicated to providing the citizens of Franklin County with the information they need to understand the reappraisal process including their rights and responsibilities
as property owners. Please contact us if you have any questions
or need more information.

The Assessor of Property office maintains a large amount of public information on local properties in order to correctly classify and assess them for tax purposes. While the primary purpose for these records and documents is to assist assessment personnel with their duties, this information is also used extensively by other government offices, members of the local real estate, legal and financial communities, as well as the general public.

Below are a few of the major information sources and services available at the Assessor's Office:

Property Record Cards
The Assessor creates and maintains an individual property record card on every parcel of property in the county (approximately 25,000). These records are updated weekly by the State of Tennessee Local Assessor System for web viewing. Specific records can be retrieved through use of a computer terminal available to the general public. Information contained on property record cards includes:

  • Street address of the property
  • Names of owner(s)
  • Parcel identification number
  • Address of owner(s)
  • Subdivision name (if applicable)
  • Lot # (if applicable)
  • Dimensions of lot
  • Acreage for larger tracts
  • Construction types and components for structures (type roofing, foundation, etc.)
  • Extra features of improvements (fireplaces, driveways, etc.)
  • Value for improvements
  • Value for land
  • Overall appraisal for tax purposes for land and all improvements
  • Assessment classification
  • Overall assessment value
  • Transfer data, including sales history (amounts, dates, deed volume and page #'s)

Office Staff        
Brenda Schewe
Brenda Schewe

  Lisa Sells
Lisa Sells

Mark DeBoard

Stacy O'Neal
Stacey O'Neal

Kathy Syler

Alison McCormick

Bruce Spencer
Franklin County Property Assessor
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